To improve conditions in the home building industry in and around Lynchburg, Virginia by keeping members and the public informed of current developments in construction methods; development of new building materials and financing arrangements; to establish a code of ethics for members in order to instill public confidence in members of this Association; to establish and maintain an office for the information and convenience of the public in locating member builders. Through advocacy and education, the HBACV unites and supports area home builders, remodelers, associates, and their affiliates and promotes construction of safe, affordable homes and resilient communities.

To achieve mission our the Association shall:

  • associate the home builders within the area of territorial jurisdiction for purposes of mutual advantage and cooperation.
  • develop and maintain within the home building industry a high appreciation of the objectives and responsibilities of home builders in fully serving the public.
  • advocate and encourage the constant improvement of home building techniques and practices
  • promote and protect home ownership.
  • cooperate with other trade associations in matters relating to the advancement of the home building industry.
  • advocate, adopt and enforce a code of ethics.
  • collaborate with distributors and manufacturers of building materials and equipment to maximize quality at minimum cost to the consumer.
  • comply with all laws; federal, state and local.
  • disseminate information of value to association members, the public and government.