Join the HBACV – Membership Benefits

Thank you for considering membership in the Home Building Association of Central Virginia, a newly emerging and growing organization that is now entering its 60th year. It is our sincere belief that active participation in the association promotes a healthy building industry throughout the Greater Lynchburg and Central Virginia area. Our members include some of the most successful and influential business people in Central Virginia and we ask that you look to see how you can leverage a membership to your advantage.

The HBACV is a more member-driven, member-essential, member-engaged organization. This means the opportunities available to you depend on what you put in as a participating member. Included among the many benefits members should take full advantage of are:

  • A single fee giving you automatic membership in the Local, State (HBAV) and National builders associations (NAHB).
  • Access and promotion on HBACV membership Directory, mailing lists and website links.
  • Community Brand Awareness for your company through HBACV event sponsorships.
  • HBACV’s monthly “Hammer Time” gatherings for ongoing networking opportunities
  • An ongoing and active voice in helping shape local, state and national polices impacting the building industry and related trades and businesses
  • Arbitration to settle disputes between home builder and home buyer
  • Active participation on one of many HBACV committees
  • Builder & remodeler member rebate payments on products you already use.
  • Member Advantage discounts worth hundreds of dollars through your national and state affiliation that include Verizon, GMC, Chrysler/ Dodge, UPS, Dell, select hotel chains, rental car companies and many more!
  • Local HBACV “doing business with a member” discounts, services and referrals. This provides full contact information and leads for the top area builders, remodelers, trades and other professionals involved in the building industry.
  • Continuing education and certification classes & programs through the NAHB and local experts.
  • Discounted fees when participating in HBACV sponsored Shows and Expos
  • HBACV community service and association volunteer opportunities for positive positioning of your company. (since our beginning the HBACV has raised nearly $300,000 in charitable gifts and scholarships)
  • College scholarship opportunities for your children and grandchildren and your employees children and grandchildren.
  • A full and customizable business profile on our new website.
  • Marketing opportunities for your business through HBACV events, websites and newsletter.

What you get out of membership opportunities depends on what you put in!  Take full active advantage of the HBACV membership for its maximum benefit for you and your company.  Are you taking advantage of everything available? If not let’s meet so I can show you how.  If not contact me, It is our sincere belief that you will find participating in this association not only promotes the health of the local building industry but also greatly benefits your business!

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Click HERE to see full listing of discounts through the membership advantage NAHB offers.